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“Translit” Dnepropetrovsk translation agency provides both standard and individual solutions in translation area. You can apply for any any service related to foreign languages, as “Translit” is  an alliance  of qualified certified translators and partner translation agencies  in Ukraine, CIS and even foreign countries, experienced in various specifics and fields. We are ready to fulfill Your urgent and superurgent orders of any complexity and volume  adhering to the style unity and observing hugh quality of a material translated.


POPULAR AND RARE LANGUAGES– for now more than 50 “live” languages as well as those which are nomore spoken.

FREE ORDER PICK-UP AND DOOR-TO-DOOR DELIVERY – we would be pleased to save Your time by getting an order right in Your hands absolutle FREE.

PERSONAL ASSISTANCE – our interpreters will follow-up your business and private meetings and negotiations rendering both sequential and simultaneous interpretation services wherever in Ukraine and abroad.

INTERPRETION AND DUBBING – professional translation of audio and video records, studio dubbing and amateur sounding.

CERTIFICATION OF DOCUMENTS – certification with the seal of our Translation Bureau is always absolutely FREE for You. We also provide certification services by notary, CCI, MFA, etc. the rates are negotiated depending on a document type.

PAYMENT – you choose the most convenient payment method: cash, online payment via WebMoney or bank transfer, as well.

Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Ph.: +38 (098) -078-33-77

skype: translit_dnepr

e-mail: info@translit.dp.uawebsite: www.translit.dp.ua

Open hours: 7 days a week, 24 hours a day!

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